The Sol Adventurer's Guild

The Black Knight of Arabel

The Sol Adventurer’s Guild was dispatched in the name of the King to investigate matters of shadow creature attacks around the city of Arabel, along with a dark rider. With the King’s writ to investigate as we see fit into this problem, the six man group began its trek towards Arabel. This party was comprised of Verris the Elven Avenger, Leucis the Tiefling Warlock, Avarion the Elven Ranger, Mika the Half Elf Bard, Tsuba the Half Elf Rogue, and Lid (aka Crazydude) the Gnome Sorcerer.

Along the road to the city the party came across a nervous fellow named Otro frantically trying to repair his the wheel of his horse drawn cart. Moving closer to Otro he cried out for assistance, as it was beginning to get dark, but before anything could be done, darkness fell, and shadow creatures appear in the distance. The party quickly moved to engage the creatures, and combat ensued. Verris suffered a few minor wounds in the course, as he moved into range of his blades. Blades, arrows, and magic were used and smote the creatures. Towards the end of the combat, far in the distance, a dark rider with a skull face appeared on a hill watching us. Once all the shadow creatures were slain, the rider rode off and disappeared.

Otro thanked us for the assistance and offered us a ride to Arabel and to pay for some lodging in return. Leucis, the ever charming Tiefling, persuaded Otro that a more substantial reward was in order, given Otro did nothing, and they had just saved his life. Otro offered to buy the party dinner at the Goblin’s Grotto Tavern, as he was not a rich merchant.

As the party walked to Arabel, Otro told them about Dark Skull, the name the people of Arabel had for the rider. He also spoke of the many shadow creature attacks as of late, which made it unsafe after dark.

Upon entering the city of Arabel, the party and Otro passed through a large square where a rather large mob of people had gathered. They stood around the remains of an obelisk and were engaged in shouting amongst themselves. As some continued to speak with Otro, Leucis slipped amongst the crowd to learn what they were arguing about – the shattered obelisk and the shadow creature attacks. Mika stood up and addressed the crowd, telling them the party was there to help, and were acting in the name of the king, via displaying our writ. The crowd was relieved to hear this, as they were looking for assistance. From them it was also learned that a local brewmaster had taken the part of the obelisk to repair it, but nothing yet had been done. Others were complaining about the mayor and his lack of action regarding the problems. The party told Otro to go ahead to the Goblin’s Grotto to arrange for rooms and food, and they would meet him there later.

The party traveled to meet with Brewmaster Bruin. He invited the party in, and inquired if they wished to order anything. The group asked questions of him and the obelisk. Bruin had some skill with masonry, but had not had any time to deal with the obelisk due to some issues with ghosts in his basement. Mika politely inquired if they could render assistance with the ghosts. The brewmaster broke out a potent brew of his, and said only those hearty enough to drink this beverage would be strong enough to deal with the ghost problem. Verris, Mika, and Avarion slugged down the brew, while Crazydude, Leucis, and Tsuba not so skillfully faked drinking the mug. Bruin was not impressed and dismissed the party. Leucis being ever his charming self chatted Bruin up, mentioning they were there in the name of the King, and had slain many shadow creatures, and could handle this ghost problem. Bruin was not so amused, and told them if the King wanted to send people to their deaths, they could go down to the basement, but they had better not harm his precious brew stored there.

Crazydude lead the way down the stairs, bearing a glowrod to light the pitch black basement. Tsuba slowly moved ahead to scout out what was down there. Before she got far, massive shadow creatures appeared and attacked. Suffering a few wounds, the party retaliated with blade, arrow, and magic, and quickly smote their foes. With the basement clear, Bruin joined the group at the piece of the obelisk. He thanked them for their efforts, and rewarded them with a flagon of his most precious stout, because none of his casks were harmed. Citing the lack of time, Bruin said he could repair the obelisk in a few days. However he pointed the party to his cart of masonry supplies and said they were welcome to do so on their own. Taking Bruin up on his offer, they moved the cart back to the square.

Within the cart three things were found beyond the masonry tools. A fiery fullblade, a talisman of battle, and a scroll. Verris took up the fullblade and talisman, as he was skilled in using both. The scroll had one thing written on it: “When the darkness comes, it falls on the house of the twelve.” The party then turned their efforts to the obelisk. Using the tools and their skills, the party slowly was able to piece the obelisk back together. While they worked, townspeople began to gather, few on first, soon building to a large and cheering crowd, once the obelisk was finished.

After the obelisk was complete we met up with Orto and had our meal. While there Mika noticed the barkeep, Jarl, was eyeing the group, and chatted him up. He told her she should come to the theater to see the new show opening up named The House of Twelve. Mika attempted to get more information from him, but in general just got the feeling he was a creepy bastard that was hiding something. After returning to the group, they decided to go see the mayor before checking out the theater.

The group arrived at the mayor’s house and were escorted to his study. It was a creepy place filled with all sort of wall mounted animal heads, along with jars containing fluids and body parts. The mayor himself was a rather incompetent and odd fellow not worried at all about the shadow creatures. In discussing the situation, and pressing him on the subject, the mayor eventually broke down. He revealed he knew all about the shadow attacks, but could not do anything about them, and suppressed all the evidence about them to save his job. He told the group they could find all this evidence at a book store in town.

The party set out to the bookstore and found an old woman there. The roof of the bookstore had suffered a partial collapse, and rain was coming through the hole. Tsuba and Avarion agreed to help the woman, and climbed up to the roof and secured a tarp over the hole. The group spoke with the woman, asking about the evidence, and saying that the mayor sent them. The woman showed them all the records she had, along with mentioning she had anonymously sent word on to the king. After reviewing all the documents, the party learned that Dark Skull was not involved in the shadow creatures. Before the party could leave to head to the theater, they heard the scream of a child outside.

The party moved outside, and say a child running towards them yelling about Dark Skull. There was no sign of Dark Skull, but looking up at the night sky, they could see the moon turning red, as a lunar eclipse began. The group hurried to the theater.

At the theater, the group heard chanting coming from within, and could see arcane symbols painted on the walls. Entering the doors they found many robed townspeople inside. Stepping up to the altar at the far end of the theater was Jarl. He approached a small altar and spoke to the crowd, raising a knife and preparing to sacrifice his own baby son on the altar.

The party interrupted at this point, addressing the crowd. Using their influence with the townspeople, along with the evidence they had collected, and their writ from the king, they were able to sway the crowd. Realizing the madness that was taking place, the townspeople dispersed. Jarl however was not swayed and called for shadow creatures to attack the party.

The creatures came from outside and ambushed the party from behind. In the bruhaha that followed, the party was able to eventually smite all of the creatures, though not without taking a beating in the process. Lid in particular enganged in whack-a-minion with his staff, taking quite a few hits in the process, before all the small creatures could be killed.

In the theater itself the group engaged in battle with Jarl upon the stage. The raised area proved difficult at first, with Avarion being knocked off it. Eventually the party was able to get up the stairs and surround Jarl. While he put up a good fight, the numbers were not in his favor and Jarl was slain.

In the aftermath Dark Skull rode up outside and removed his helm. He revealed himself to be a normal human, long ago exiled from court. He was actually the son of Jarl, and was cursed and disowned by Jarl when he was exiled. Dark Skull had returned to help his town, and wished to return with the party to the king to make ammends. The party did so, and Dark Skull’s status was restored from being exile. The king thanked the party and rewarded them handsomely in turn.

Participating adventurers were awarded 400 experience and 75 gold plus additional rewards.
Avarion took a Bag of Holding.
Verris took a Flaming Full Blade +1.
Mika took a Flaming Longbow +1
Tsuba took 50 additional gold.
Leucis took 50 additional gold.
Lid took ???


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