Aerigo Frostwind

An eladrin swordsman who strives to show his worth to the Court of Winter


Eladrin Swordmage, level 1
Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Ensnarement

Ability Start Final   Defenses   Other   Trained Skills
Str 10 10 AC 19 Max HP 31 Arcana 11
Con 16 16 Fortitude 13 Surge Value 7 Athletics 5
Dex 10 12 Reflex 14 Surges 11 Endurance 8
Int 16 18 Will 14 Size Medium History 11
Wis 12 12 Insight 11 Speed 6 Nature 8
Cha 10 10 Perception 11 Initiative +1

Intelligent Blademaster

Booming Blade Standard Int vs AC melee 1 1W+Int if target is adjacent to you at the start of its next turn and moves away during that turn, it takes 1d6 + Con thunder damage
Frostwind Blade Standard Int vs AC melee weapon 1W+Int A different enemy marked by you within 3 squares takes 3 (Con) cold damage
Fey Step Move   personal Teleport 5 squares
Falcon’s Mark Standard Int vs Ref Ranged 5 1W+Int force Target is marked by aegis of ensnarement until end of your next turn
Lashing Asp Minor   personal   Until the stance ends, whenever you hit an enemy with a melee attack, each enemy adjacent takes 3 poison. Also, whenever you hit an enemy marked by your Swordmage Aegis power, it takes the damage.

Adventurer’s Kit
Leather Armor


Aerigo Frostwind

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